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 The last DVD/Blu Ray you purchased?

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PostSubject: The last DVD/Blu Ray you purchased?   Sun 09 Aug 2015, 6:33 pm

Thought it would be interesting to see what DVDs and or Blu Rays people are buying at the moment.


Well, I actually bought a 10 Movie Value Pack, which included these movies:

  1. The Girl From Petrovka
  2. Class Of '61
  3. The Courage To Love
  4. The Dark Side Of The Sun
  5. The Proposition
  6. Lonely Hearts
  7. Runaway Heart
  8. Pete 'n' Tillie
  9. Fall
  10. The Last Married Couple

Yes, it was 10 Romantic Movie Value Pack.
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The last DVD/Blu Ray you purchased?
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